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Salt History

History shows that salt had been an important mineral at all times and played a vital role even in  rise and fall of numerous empires. Salt was considered an essential commodity for life. The Romans virtually used it as currency. Interestingly the word "salary" comes from the latin  Slarium which constitutes that payments were being made in salt at that time Based on this, we have the familiar phrase that a person is "worth their salt", meaning worth the wages they receive.. Plato mentioned it as "specially dear to Gods". Homer even gone further to call it a "Divine   substance" and the celtic word for salt means "holy" or Sacred. “Salt is born of the purest of parents: the sun and the sea”
– Pythagoras 580 BC – 500 BC)

Refine Table salt- A poison

Ironically the substance that shows up on most of stores and supermarkets throughout the world now a days ,is merely a compound of Sodium and chloride as the essential minerals are removed during refining processes. Modren day Refined table salt instead of health-giving minerals comes with harmful additives such as as aluminum hydroxide, stearic acid, sodiumferrocyanide etc.Unfortunately consumers get enticed by the word"Refined"and they grab the salt without knowing about the hazards it poses to their health.Markets are litterd with Different brands of Refind table salt from major companies which are so well advertised that consumer don,t even think about its harmful effects for health.

Himalayan crystal salt VS Refined table salt- Body reaction

Highly refined salt when ingested,the Body identifies it as a poison and becomes defensive by accumulating the water in and around its cells to protect them from this invading substance.This instant function by the body causes swelling, edema and cellulite. Body instead of expanding its energy on regeneration and renewal,spend great deal of the time in elimination mode .Refined salt is energetically dead which causes depletion of the body 's energy stockpile rather than enhancing them. Refind salt available in the market is devoid of nutrients and often causes high blood pressure, osteoporosis and kidney problems

himalayan crystal salt as compare to refined salt is the outcome of 250 millions years process where nature has given it a perfect crsytline shape.All the essential minerals and trace elements have duly been added exactly in the same proportion as human body needs. These minerals and trace elements are easily assessable by the cells of the body. The unique crystaline structure hyderates the cells and charges bodily flude with spare electrons which makes this natural salt not only a powerful antioxidant but helps other antioxidants present in the body to work properly.

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Importance of “antioxidants” for your health

The importance of anti-oxidant protection in regard to maintaining good health has become common knowledge in recent years. Free radicals are now considered to be the single most significant cause of premature aging and degenerative diseases. A free radical is a molecule that is missing one or more electrons needed to be in a state of balance. Since seeking balance is inherent to everything in nature, free radicals aggressively steal electrons from every source they can find. In the human body, the phospholipid membranes of the cells are, unfortunately, end up being a nice supplier of electrons at no cost radicals--to our great disadvantage.By losing electrons, cell membranes factually become stale and dysfunctional, and accumulated harm shows up as premature aging, furthermore, virtually each disease known to medicine.

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How different other antioxidants do work?

Ongoing damage to the health is reduced by the antioxidants, these are considered to be a nature,s method.They can provide spare electrons to free radicals thus neutralizing them while not harming the cell membranes. There are number of antioxidants that are exponentially health enhancing but all of them have one basic limitation that, they work only in some area of the body.For instance Vitamin C and E offer fine antioxidant protection within the blood vessels and additional cellular fluid but they are doing very little within the cells.

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Himalayan crystal salt – The best antioxidants:

Genuine himalayan crystal salt once enter into body system, a profound rejuvenation of the cell membranes becomes possible.This unique crystal salt works far and wide within the body. It also helps enhance the capability of other antioxidants . crystal salt contains all the 72 minerals and trace elements essential for the body in right proportion .These minerals and trace elements exist in ionic form in cyrstal salt and only one angstrom in particle size. An angstrom is one million times smaller than a micron, which is the particle size of the colloidal minerals sold by many health companies today.The important point to note is that minerals in crystal salt are million time smallar than those in refine salt in colloidal form, body doesn,t need to break them sup into smaller particles hence these are readibly absorbable .
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Himalayan crystal salt balances Acid-Alkaline

Himalayan crystal salt due to its balanced mineral structure effects the acid/alkaline balance in most perfect way. If overly acidic it helps alkalize the body quickly In case of over alkaline (rare but happens in some cases)it helps rebalance the minerals in the body.Crystal salt simply offers the replenishment in very natural way. Its electrolyte charactristics certainly makes it a very important thing to use. Just after an hard exercise or other laborous job you can reenergise yourself instantly by consuming a glass of spring water with pinch of crystal salt and sqeezing half a lemon in it.

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Himalayan Crystal salt and Traditional chine’s medicine

Another potential health advantage may be obtained from consuming the crystal salt is, lessening of cravings.As per ancient chinese medication refind salt is extraordinarrily yang or rigidifying.That is why using it abundantly lead to hardened deposits within the body which inturn causes siffening joints and blood vessels.Sugar and alcohol are very yin or energetically softening .The over consumption of refind salt ends up in craving of sweet s and alcohol within the body's effort to bring balance to yang environment. Because crystal salt helps bring a natural balance to the system, it can alleviate rather than worsen sugar and alchohol cravings.

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Himalayan crystal salt –Heart health

Refind salt dehydrates the body,makes the blood thicker, consequantly body has to increase the blood pressure to maneuver the thickened blood into the arteries and capillaries. Himalayan crystal salt mineral composition play a key role towrds heart health. This special organic salt actually provides the minerals and trace elements required by the buman blood in absolutely the similar proporations that is needed to optimum blood plasma.It also keeps the body hydrated and electrically charges the body in a manner that we tend to use water quite efficiently.This wonderful crystal salt keeps the blood thin naturally thus moving easily through the arteries and capillaries. This is what makes this special natural crystal salt heart friendly. Actually this is such a wonderful salt that you can,t compare it with any other salt available on this planet. Its much more than a salt rather a precious gift directly from the nature .

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Himalayan crystal salt Normalizes the blood pressure

Regular use of himalayan crystal salt help normalize the blood pressure.There are people who start using the crystal salt and then witnessed great improvements in their blood pressure state. For those who have been suffering with low or high blood pressure and are on medication and already started using the cyrstal salt ,we strongly recommend to monitor your blood pressure closely , the reason beaing that crystal salt might already had corrected the blood pressure and you may no longer need further medicines. This may be noted that the salt we are talking about is not an ordinary salt you find one every shop but the genuine himalayan crystal salt full of essential minerals and trace elements, purest,prestine and natural...gone through the 250 millions years of process deep underneath the himalayan foot hill.

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